1 . at best 至多,充其量,就最乐观的一面来看。如:


Life is short at best. 生命再长也是短暂的。

At best a few hundred people attended the meeting. 充其量只有几百人参加了会议。

We can’t arrive before Friday at best. 我们无论如何也无法在星期五以前赶到。

2 . do [try ] one ’s best 尽力, 竭尽全力。如:

As long as you do your best, we’ll be happy. 只要你尽力,我们就满意了。

It doesn’t matter if you don’t win---just try your best. 赢不了也没关系,只要努力即可。


We did our best to help them. 我们尽力帮了他们。

3 . had best 最好,应该。如:

You had best stay here. 你最好呆在这儿。

I think we had best sell it. 我想我们还是把它卖掉的好。

注:had best 与 had better 同义。

4 . It ’s best for sb to do sth 某人最好去做某事。如:

It’s best for us to start early. 我们最好早点出发。

It’s best for you to buy a dictionary. 你最好买台电脑。

5 . make the best of 充分利用,尽量往好处做,将就用。如:

We must make the best of the fine weather. 我们必须要充分利用这好天气。

The only thing to do now is to make the best of things. 现在唯一的办法就是随遇而安。

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